Staying in Touch

One of the great things about teaching preschool for 30 years is watching the children turn into wonderful adults. Almost every time I go out in Portland I run into a parent of a Chrysalis alum. I get to hear about what college they are going to, graduation from eighth grade, how second grade is much harder than first.


Yesterday two children who had flown away from Chrysalis years ago came to visit Portland from San Diego. They dropped by to say hello and to see the preschool that they had fond memories of. (Its a day off so I had on my gardening clothes!)

Now 15 and 13, they are studying Chinese and they miss the rain. True Portlanders!

In June I was at a high school graduation party and saw lots of Chrysalis alumni there. Families also stay in touch with each other and often become lifelong friends after preschool!

I was lucky enough to go to my first Chrysalis student wedding this summer! Fiona and I have kept in touch since preschool and it was so lovely to watch her marry a wonderful man and to see her still so happy!

I have parents call me about concerns throughout elementary school and ask advice about switching schools, dealing with teachers, and often just wanting reassurance that what they are going through is "normal", and while I don't say anything is normal, I can let them know that they are not alone in this difficult path of parenting.

Such a treat for me to see these wonderful children grow up to be wonderful young adults!