On Friday, we had a flyaway ceremony for the children who are leaving Chrysalis after 3 years of preschool. The community of parents, teachers, grandparents and children gathered in the park. The teachers spoke about each child who was leaving remarking on the major changes we have seen from 2 years old to 5. Chrysalis serves children during the "years of transformation" and the butterfly metaphor continues as they leave. The children came up and got their wings and a hug from their teachers.


Then all the children came up to the front and we sang a song about the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly. "A caterpillar builds a chrysalis, a safe place to grow and change. And we are children at Chrysalis Home School. ...We are changing we'll fly too!"

The community members formed an arch for the children to walk through as we dropped rosemary on their heads (for remembrance.)

The children then gathered with their families to look at the scrapbook made lovingly by the teachers with photos, drawings and momentos of their years at Chrysalis


The parents gave us a really meaningful gift this year. In honor of the class of 2018, they donated $500 to the Butterfly Boxes. These boxes are gifts that await new refugee families and immigrants to our country. They include toiletries, comfort items and tools to get to know their new communities. http://www.butterflyboxespdx.org/

To see a slide show of our ceremony with photos by Doug Lowell and singing by Joan Liberman, click on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ys18NxXfYJ0&t=134s