Maggie Bendickson

"My two boys, now at Yale and Brown, thrived at Chrysalis, and I can't recommend it highly enough! As an elementary teacher myself, it was such a pleasure to watch Colleen work with young children and respect their individuality, curiosity, intelligence, and emotional wellbeing.

 Everything about Chrysalis is set up with best practices in early education in mind. So much of what the boys learned at Chrysalis about exploring and pursuing their passions, along with how to be kind to themselves and others, is what they brought with them to elementary school and beyond. As a very nervous and newly single parent, I was also nurtured by Colleen when I wasn't sure what to do with my boys. I've returned to her words of wisdom many, many times as the boys grew up, and am so grateful for her experience and kindness. 

There is a magic about the community at Chrysalis as well, and I've kept in touch with many fabulous parents over the years. Think of Chrysalis as an outstanding start to school for very young children AND their parents!"